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The Fresh Fish Bowl:

Fresh Catch of the day sautéed in olive oil with Kamuela tomato chucks, capers, greek olives, basil ribbons all served on a bed of hapa rice.


The Fresh Fish Sandwhich:

Fresh catch of the day served on lightly toasted bread with Kamuela tomato wheels topped with a homemade wasabi coleslaw and sprouts.

Nicoise Salad:

Classic French salad served with tuna, boiled egg slices, green beans, potato wedges, Kamuela tomato wedges, greek olives, anchovies, and crostinis all served on a bed of lettuce. 

Eggs Benedict:

Butter lettuce, Kamuela tomato wheels, slices of ham, and poached eggs topped with our light homemade take on hollandaise sauce and a tanapeda spread with a side of fresh fruits.


Lox and Bagels:

Smoked salmon, boiled egg slices, cream cheese wedges, diced red onions, and capers all served on lightly toasted bagels.


The Caprese Napoleon:

Kamuela tomato wheels, mozzarella cheese slices, basil ribbons, greek olives, tanapeda spread and crosinis all drizzled with olive oil


The Belgian Waffle:

Homemade Belgian Waffles served with fresh fruit and topped with powdered sugar.


 The "BLT":

The Classic sandwhich is served with the typical bacon, lettuce and tomato.  But also comes with fresh strips of carrot and sprouts.


Greek Salad:

Classic Greek Salad consist of butter lettuce, cucumbers,tomatoes, capers, greek olives topped off with feta cheese.


Ice Cream Sundae:

Vanilla ice cream served fudge syrup, topped with fresh fruits and whipped cream.

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